Our Story

Welcome to SolRae Wellness, where passion meets expertise in a holistic haven curated by licensed esthetician Tricia and certified health coach Jessica. Fueled by a shared dream, they envisioned a spa experience transcending conventions, dedicated to celebrating holistic well-being.

Tricia's journey began as an esthetician in a clinical spa, focusing on advanced skincare treatments. However, a realization sparked her transition towards holistic esthetics, driven by a desire to integrate mindfulness, nutrition, and natural skincare. She pursued holistic skincare certifications, exploring the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in skincare practices.

Jessica, with a background in Family Studies and Psychology, found her calling after battling chronic health issues. This transformative experience led her to become a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. Her goal at SolRae Wellness is to collaborate with her mother, Tricia, offering holistic health coaching.

The establishment of SolRae Wellness was an extraordinary adventure marked by challenges and triumphs. From early conversations on holistic well-being to creating a space radiating serenity, Tricia and Jessica's dream as a mother/daughter team is now a reality. At SolRae Wellness, nourish your mind, body, skin, and spirit—a haven where their passion for holistic well-being unfolds.

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